Psychotherapy, Counseling and DWI/DUI Screening and Assessment services

People might experience difficulties in the different aspects of their lives (relationships, spouses, parents, children, careers, bosses, clients) can start to add up and cause stress, leading to resentment, anger, anxiety, depression, health problems, substance use and other painful difficulties. I have successfully helped my client develop healthier coping skills and master the challenges that impact and affect their current emotional health. Taking steps to change one's life takes courage and commitment. Whether working with individuals or couples, the particular intervention I use may vary according to individual or family needs. My approach is always aimed at helping clients create more flexible ways of their inner world and increase their self-awareness. My mission is to empower clients to improve their emotional health, develop the capacity to engage in healthy relationships and provide the tools and skills necessary to live an authentic and satisfying life.

I am also CASAC certified counselor registered with OASAS, providing DWI/DUI assessment and screening. Please contact me by phone, text or email. I respect your privacy and confidentiality.